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We design and install video projectors and screens.

Most people do not even consider front projectors as a TV option. They think that the rear projection TV is cheaper and more practical. They are wrong. Front projection TVs have recently become much more affordable and they can even be easier to set up than rear projection TVs. You can simply plop the front projector on a table, point it at a white wall, hook-up a VCR and DVD, and bingo you are good to go!

Now they can be much harder to install than that, and much more expensive, but that mainly applies to CRT projectors. LCD and DLP projectors do not need any calibration or special adjustments. They are usually ceiling mounted, which can be somewhat difficult. And most people want a screen, which increases the cost and installation time. But oooohhhh what a picture you get!

As far as cost goes, $2000 puts you in the driver seat at the low end. Even medium quality front projectors can be had for well under $5000. So why not give it a look?

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